Est-ce moi de mourir? Tranquille je mendors, The King hearing of the affair was much amused, but desired his brother to make it right with M. de Montyon, which he did to such good effect, that shortly after he gave him an appointment in his household. The Prince and the excellent magistrate afterwards met again in exile.

Ah! you, too, call me mad. It is an insult! It was not Paulette, explained Leclerc, he would be distressed to leave her, but she would be safe and surrounded by her family. It was his young sister, now at school at Mme. Campans, whom he could not leave unprotected, perhaps for ever. I ask you, General, how can I?

The tyrant is no more! Robespierre is dead!

People are stupid, answered the prince, who have not the sense to do properly what they undertake to do.

The Duc de Chartres wrote to his father saying that he never wished to return to France, and wanted to get leave from the Convention to expatriate himself, but the Duke replied that there was no sense in it, and forbade him to write.