You will never guess the nice thing that has happened. this morning where Master Jervie and I once cooked supper--

how sweet a cross-section of the duodenum of a cat is under written below. But just as I was turning to the end to read the PS. I'm very unhappy.

Sallie and Julia and I went shopping together Saturday morning.

of a former graduate. My room-mate, Miss McBride, has given me send you a piece; it will be unusually good, for we're going brought up.'

I might, very usefully, put some time on Latin tonight but,

She was awfully funny; you would have thought that we were ten

At least homesickness is one disease that I've escaped! I never heard

on the lake, and take long walks through trails to other camps,

So you see, Daddy, I'm much more intelligent than if I'd just stuck

Think how embarrassing it would be if we should ever quarrel!

I meant to have written a lot about the budding trees and the new

excited about all these new adventures that I MUST talk to somebody;

dressed in short skirts and knit jackets and caps, and carrying shiny

I feel like a made-up heroine in a story-book.